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30 January 2012 @ 05:39 am
Friends - 2Hyun - Oneshot  
Wow I am on a rollllllllllllllll :D

Title: Friends
Pairing: Hyuna/Hyunseung - 2Hyun
Rating: NC-17 (ohhhh yeahhhh)
Genre: Romance/Smut
Length: Longish Oneshot... 4178w :)
A/N: Tired when posted it's like 20 to 6 in the morning but.. merhh. Also, yes this is like my millionth beast/4minute fic. i apologise.
AND!!! you'd better appreciate this. it's taken me fucking forever to write js js :D ilyxoxoxoxo

He slid his hand between her beautiful thighs for what seemed like the hundredth time... that was why he couldn't understand what had got him feeling so strange – they'd done this so many times before. He was usually completely unaffected, performing with her, walking off with her, talking to her without any form of a weird feeling in the pit of his stomach. Today, he was finding it an extremely difficult task to even dance. He was concentrating on singing, getting the words right, doing the right choreography, not falling over and not getting a full-blown erection while he was on stage pressed against his friend's behind. It really didn't help that this performance was more touchy than usual.

Hyunseung had never felt like this around Hyuna before. He'd never really felt like this around anyone. Sure, he'd had girlfriends but none of them had ever got him so hot under the collar just thinking about them. The thing is, he knew the reason for suddenly changing the way he thought about his label mate but he felt so extremely shallow for it.


Yesterday, they had rehearsed for most of the night – well into the early hours of the morning. Hyuna was very tired. She'd not had a real rest since some time around last year before 4Minute released Mirror Mirror. She was usually okay and had learnt to cope with being tired (you had to, it was just the way it needed to be if you really wanted to be in this business) but all of the travelling, going straight to rehearse, performing on a music show, going home, rehearsing some more, travelling again, doing a concert, rehearsing, rehearsing, travelling, rehearsing, performing, had really, really worn her out. She was thankful for being able to be in a sub-unit, she loved to perform which was why she never complained to anybody.

That night, she hadn't slept for around 26 hours or something ridiculous. They were in the middle of dancing, their back-up dancers left about an hour ago, their hands sliding easily over each other's damp skin, and at about 2am, she suddenly stopped and sat at Hyunseung's feet. Hyunseung looked at the young girl through the huge mirrors in front of them and saw her with her eyes closed, fanning her face. He went and turned the music off before strolling over to the young dancer, who'd lost the strength to even fan her face.

Hyuna...” Hyunseung started, looking at her breathing deeply, her skin glistening from sweat very much like his own. Her eyes were still closed and she was swaying where she sat. Hyunseung wasn't as badly affected, he liked to practice for hours at a time.

Oppa, I don't wanna... I can't do... My body... So hot...” and then she trailed of speaking gibberish. Hyunseung got the idea that she was half-asleep; her body had given in to the fatigue. They had been rehearsing for three hours now with only a few rests.

Hyuna-yah,” he said lowly, affectionately; he definitely knew how she was feeling. “Let me go and get you some water.” he said, standing up, leaving the room and going to get a bottle of water out of the fridge before going back to the humid, sweaty practice room.

However when he walked back in, Hyuna was trying (and failing) to take off her clothes, wrestling with her sweat soaked t-shirt. Hyunseung rushed over to the young girl, trying to put a stop to her actions.

Hyuna, stop that.” He grabbed Hyuna's wrists making her struggle against him for about twenty seconds before she gave up, laying across his thighs. She pouted, pretending to cry.

Oppa,” she dragged out, whining “It's too hot in this room. I can't feel my skin, I need to take this shirt off.”

You can't--” he started but was cut off by Hyuna looking at him with tears in her eyes, actually starting to cry.

Please Hyunseung... please,” This girl was laying across his legs, her hands restrained, she was possibly delusional and she was begging him to let her take off her clothes. He sucked his lip into his mouth, thinking.

Alright... but you have to drink some water first.” He said to her watching her nod at his request. Allowing her to sit up, still on his legs, and she took the bottle. Her hands didn't have the strength to unscrew the cap of the drink so Hyunseung took it from her to do it instead. He handed it back to her, watching as she poured small amounts into her mouth several times. He took the drink out of her hand and had a swig before tossing it to the side. Hyuna started to put her hands under her shirt but her arms were too weak to lift it from her body. Hyunseung was looking away, trying to give the practically dying girl some decency. It wasn't until she gently called his name that he looked at her.

I... I need some help,” she smiled sleepily. Hyunseung's eyes widened but he couldn't deny his adorable friend. He lifted her arms before he began pulling her shirt up and over her head revealing her tiny, sweaty body. He'd seen her many times with crop-tops on or low cut tops but seeing the two combined just left her with her heaving chest right in Hyunseung's face. It really didn't help that she was wearing a plunge bra that showed off the swell of her breast so deliciously that Hyunseung couldn't stop looking at it.

Thank you,” she whispered before planting a kiss on his cheek then wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him close to her. He looked at her before reaching over to the face wipes someone had left here; she still had her stage make-up on from their last performance.

He did everything gently, swiping it across her cheek to remove the make-up she hadn't sweat off. She moaned quietly at the cool, wet contact with her burning skin. He ran it under her eyes, her forehead and all of her face except the eyes and mouth. He looked at her eyes, seeing the false lashes clinging to her now closed eyelids, her breathing had steadied out too. He was glad she was sleeping, she needed it. He'd never done this before but he'd seen all of the girls do it millions of times. He grabbed the corner and peeled off the lash, placing it to the side before doing the same with the other. He took a new wipe, swiping it over her eyelids, under them and around them multiple times before her make-up was off.

He swiped a finger over her plump lips before removing the make-up... he didn't know why he touched them he just felt like he should. He could just see her lips and God he could not stop looking at her tits. He had never had the urge to kiss someone's boobs as much as he did now.

He couldn't help himself and he leaned forward before pressing a tiny kiss to the top of her chest, feeling her plush breast beneath his lips. Then he heard her sigh as he pulled away.

Hyunseung Oppa,” she all but moaned. “That felt good... do it again.” she told him sighing again in sleepiness, relaxation and pleasure. He felt her hand come down on his head as she tried to press his head back into her body. He allowed her to pull him down and he pushed his lips against her a few more times, feeling her heart rate speed up through his lips. She pulled his head up and gently met lips with him, once, twice, three times before kissing him just a little bit longer. Hyunseung was wondering if this was going too far when he felt a hand on his crotch. He needed to stop this; she was delusional. He also needed her to get some sleep.

I'll get you a car back to your dorm,” he said to her, moving her intimately placed hand off him before leaving the room.

When she left, he waved, still waiting for his own car to arrive. She really didn't need to know that her hand had affected him. She also didn't need to know how hard he came that night thinking about her.


The performance finally finished and he could get off the stage, away from Hyuna. But their friendship stopped that from happening as Hyuna firmly linked arms with him, after they'd had their mics removed, as they walked back to their dressing room just to mess around like usual. Except Hyunseung needed to find somewhere private because every time he looked at her, he could just see her panting underneath him without a shirt on.

Hyuna... I need to erm, go to the bathroom. You can--” he was cut off.

Oh, I need it too. I'll walk that way with you.” she beamed at him. How naïve... They stopped outside the toilets. “Wait here once you're done then we can walk back together,” she said before disappearing into the Ladies; Hyunseung couldn't even argue with her. He was just going to have to wait until later. He paced the bathroom for a while seeing as though he didn't really need it (and it would've been pretty difficult to go with his raging hard on even if he did need it). He attempted to position his erection so it wasn't as noticeable.

When he exited the room, Hyuna was there waiting for him. She grabbed his hand as they walked to their dressing room. They got some sweat wiped before Hyuna took Hyunseung's arm again and led him to 'their' room. 'Their' room was an empty, tiny dressing room right on the end of the narrow corridor that wasn't really used for anything because of it's size. The two of them went in it sometimes between performances because it was quiet and peaceful and they would listen to music together or sleep. Hyunseung assumed that sleep was on the menu today.

Hyuna flicked the light on as the two of them walked into the small box-sized dressing room with nothing but a few hangers on the wall and a mirror. Both of them slumped against the wall immediately – worn out and tired from weeks of performances. Hyuna started to pull off her heels, wincing as she did so.

Are you okay?” asked Hyunseung watched her face crumple up in pain as she rubbed her painted toes.

Oh, yeah. My feet just hurt a bit,” she passed it off as nothing – like she did with everything. She was always 'fine'.

Do you want a foot massage?” Hyunseung offered, wanting to help the younger girl.

Ah, no it's okay. I'm getting a pedicure tomorrow morning,” She smiled gratefully at Hyunseung. “Thank you though,” she said.

I wanted to help,”

Thank you for everything,” she buried her head into his neck like she usually did and his arm automatically wrapped around her, pulling her closer.

What did I do?” Hyunseung questioned, his thumb subconsciously stroking her arm.

Just... everything. You're so good to me. You always look after me no matter what I ask for. Like... last night. Thank you for taking care of me; I remember.” Hyunseung froze when she said that, did that mean she remembered them kissing?

I... I was just so tired. And even though I was asking you for something stupid, you still helped me. Sorry. I felt like an idiot when I woke up this morning,” she laughed at herself. She didn't say anything else after that and Hyunseung relaxed. They just sat like that for a while. Hyunseung closed his eyes and let his head fall back against the wall – he was so comfortable with her in his arms he could probably fall asleep in a minute.

Just as he felt himself lulling to sleep, he felt the ache of his erection come back and then felt a weight press against it. A warm weight. He cracked his eyes open groggily, seeing Hyuna's hand on his crotch. He was wide awake in a second.

He opened his mouth to ask what she was doing but she gripped him just as he was about to speak, causing a deep moan to leave him instead.

What are you doing?” he managed to breathe out quietly.

You stopped me yesterday,” she said cheekily as she started to unfasten his leather pants that he was wearing.

Wait, wait. Hyuna don't you think this is a bad idea?” He argued, even though anyone could tell he wanted this with how much his dick was straining for attention. Hyuna acted as though she didn't hear him and slid her hand across his erection that was covered only by the thin material of his underwear. “What if we... Oh my God,” Hyunseung started to protest but as she began circling her thumb over his material covered head he slammed his head into the wall behind him. Hyuna snuggled further into Hyunseung who she was still laid on, intertwining their legs together. Then, she proceeded to slip her hand underneath the cloth barrier finally touching him. Hyunseung pulled her even closer, burying his face in her hair as she gently touched him like he'd been wanting to do to himself all day.

But it wasn't enough. She was barely applying any pressure and she would occasionally ghost around his crotch; she was teasing him. Hyunseung suddenly whined out of frustration; he flushed in embarrassment at the noise that escaped him.

What do you want, Hyunseung-ah?” she said, softly... somewhat sexily.

Just... just touch me please,” he begged. She giggled before grabbing him exactly how he wanted causing him to squeeze his eyes shut. She began stroking him, slowly, and Hyunseung tried hard to make little noise knowing that there was a possibility of people hearing him. His hand trailed down her side and when she sped up, he drew in a breath and clutched the end of her dress that had rode up slightly. Then, she turned to face him, pulling away from his arm. She gripped the top of his pants and pulled them further down his thighs before moving to straddle him, her dress riding even further up. She leaned down and took his face in her hands before colliding their lips.

It was how he remembered it only ten times better. This time was full of passion – hesitance thrown to the wind at this point. They were both so ridiculously horny that neither of them cared about ruining their friendship or being shy. Hyuna broke their kiss, panting against Hyunseung's face.

Take them off... Ugh. Do it, take them off,” she whispered needily to him. She was indicating at her skin tight black shorts that she wore under her dress and he did as instructed, peeling them from her hot skin. She grabbed Hyunseung's hand and moved it towards her crotch, pressing his palm against her; she obviously wanted this as much as he did.

Wait, Hyuna... wait. What if someone walks in?” He asked, letting his pessimistic side show.

Don't worry,” was her only reply. “Help me get out of this dress,”

It'll be harder to get dressed quickly if--” Hyunseung was panicking.

Do you want to touch my boobs?” She enquired cheekily... impatiently – she was so ready for Hyunseung but he was busy being his usual self and asking about everything.

Yes please,” he said in a quiet voice. Hyuna let herself be unzipped by the older boy before she shimmied out of her stage outfit. She was left only in her underwear.

Hyuna started unbuttoning Hyunseung's shirt quickly; she yearned to touch his milky skin and kiss his delicious collarbones. They'd both almost forgot about Hyunseung's dick until Hyuna straddled him once more. He felt the material of her panties brush against it; it caught him off guard and he moaned a little too loud.

She nibbled along his protruding collarbones and stroked along his stomach and chest. She raked her fingers experimentally down his chest getting a fantastic reaction from the dancer. He let out a sharp, short squeak of surprise enjoying the burning sensation afterwards.

He decided to be brave and he moved his hands up her back to the clasp of her bra and (after a few failed attempts) he unfastened it. Her breasts sprang forward into his face and he'd be an idiot not to bury his face in the pair, nibbling and kissing. Hyuna let out a small whine of appreciation as he circled his tongue around one of her nipples before taking the entire thing into his mouth.

Suddenly, he felt something warm encasing his neglected cock; he let out a strangled groan, gripping onto her sides his eyes squeezed shut in pleasure. When he finally did open his eyes, he saw her sank all the way down on him, her head lulling backwards from the sensation, her mouth open.

He couldn't control himself and he thrust up into her once. She groaned before leaning forward and burying her face into his neck, kissing it all over while she created a steady pace of rocking herself atop him. Hyunseung guided her for a while with both of his hands on her hips, pushing her onto him again and again. He grunted openly into the air as she shifted positions, leaning further away from Hyunseung.

He dropped his hand down between them and immediately found what he was looking for, her clit. He pinched it a few times before circling his thumb around her in time to their thrusting. She moved forwards again, stopping the thrusting, teasing Hyunseung with the tip just inside her before she slammed down. They both let out muffled groans into each other's shoulders. Hyuna did that to tease him but she found that spot inside her and repeated the action several more times. Hyunseung's thumb started circling her clit again.

Then, he did something she didn't expect. He started whispering in her ear.

You don't even... know how... uh... hard I came thinking about this last night,” Hyuna shouldn't have been so affected by those simple words but they caused her to moan loudly into his neck (luckily the sound was muffled). Just the though of Hyunseung getting himself off was enough to send her insane. Hyuna could feel herself moving steadier towards her orgasm.

She was bouncing on him now, the sound of skin slapping skin loud and so was the panting accompanying it but neither of them cared. It all felt too good.

Every inch of Hyunseung's skin was tingly from pleasure – he was over-sensitive to say the least. He thrust up with her, driving himself deeper inside her; his head was spinning. Their lips met once again, messily but it seemed to satisfy the both of them.

Hyu... Hyunseung Oppa... I'm so close,” she hissed in pleasure. Hyunseung tried not to be pleased with himself (what, with how difficult it was sometimes to get girls off) and the two increased the speed further. Hyunseung toyed with her breasts again wanting to maximize her pleasure and he got a wonderful responsive moan. “Hyunseung... Hyunseung,” she kept whimpering his name and moaning and keening and Hyunseung just wanted this for her, forgetting all about his needs.

She let out one last shuddering, throaty groan before all but collapsing against Hyunseung, him still inside her. His hand finally dropped from her clit, just resting at the side. He would like to say that he was the best person at self control and he just sat there and waited for her to get off him but he could feel every part of her walls twitching and clenching around him, and if he didn't cum soon, he was going to go crazy.

Hyuna-yah,” he said gently “C-can you just...” she shifted off him and slumped against the wall, still panting heavily.

Hyunseung, you didn't... you know,” she gasped once she noticed his still raging erection.

I know... I'm, erm, just going to take care of it later.”

No, let me--”

There's nowhere to do it though; I'll make a mess,” He had his fists clenched at his sides – he was itching to touch himself. Seriously, a minute is all it would take but he knew he couldn't. Hyuna seemed to think otherwise.

Just let me--” she moved forward gripping his dick. He bit his bottom lip suppressing a moan before he cut her off.

No, it'll go on my shirt and we have to go back on stage. We don't have anything to clean up with so...” Hyunseung started pulling his pants back up his legs but Hyuna, who'd just thought of the brightest idea, leapt forward and took the tip of his dick into her mouth. Hyunseung so very, very nearly came violently down her throat at that moment but he restrained himself, biting his hand and cursing.

F-fuck,” he ground out in shock. She sank her head down as far as she could, her spare hand massaging his balls gently, driving Hyunseung into a frenzy of stifled groans and strangled moans trying his absolute hardest to be quiet. He bobbed her head, increasing pace every so often and occasionally stopping to lick around his head and the length. Then, she would resume her previous pattern but change it slightly. Hyunseung couldn't contain himself any longer.

Hyuna... Hyuna stop. Seriously, I can go to the bathroom you don't need to do this,” but as he said that, she started humming a song enthusiastically as she sucked him. Oh, God. There was no way he could hold back now; every single part of him throbbed with need.

H-Hyuna... I'm seriously going to cum...” he stroked her hair in warning, waiting to see if she'd stop. But she hummed even louder and he couldn't stop himself as his dick twitched inside her mouth. He threw his head back, smacking it against the wall viciously (the dizziness adding a whole new aspect to his orgasm) and his body heaved with pleasure. He could feel himself releasing so much into her mouth and he can't remember ever climaxing this hard – not even when he lost his virginity back in high school. He felt slightly guilty for Hyuna having to take all of what he was giving her but he didn't have any energy to push her away.

He felt each and every one of his limbs relax and he could hear the blood in his ears so clearly. He finally finished pumping cum into Hyuna's mouth and he was just left with a few aftershocks that made his body twitch a several times.

He opened his eyes and saw Hyuna looking directly at him and he couldn't help himself as he pulled her up to him and smashed their lips together once more. He didn't even care that he could taste his own salty, bitterness on her tongue because... well, he was kissing her.

We should get dressed,” she mumbled into his mouth.

You might have to give me a moment. I don't think my legs are working just yet,” He wasn't lying, his legs felt like complete jelly. So, she helped him button his shirt and she helped pull up his pants. She scrambled around for her bra and pulled her tight, black shorts on again. She found her dress crumpled in a corner and Hyunseung assisted her in putting it back on, kissing her shoulder as he did so. Then she turned around and they met eyes.

Thank you,” she whispered. They gazed at each other for a moment longer, grinning from ear to ear. “You don't by any chance have any spray or deodorant with you... do you?” she questioned all of a sudden even though she knew the answer.

No... why?”

I dread to think what this room smells like to the outside world... probably death.” Hyuna chuckled and turned to draw a heart on the fogged up window; it was almost like a sign to anyone who walked in that there had definitely been some funny business going on in here.

Come on let's sneak out,” Hyunseung suggested after they were ready. Hyuna surged forward and grasped his hand as they went outside into the cooler air. They both seemed to realise that this wasn't the last time something similar would happen.

The thing is, it didn't affect their friendship like it should... but it did certainly make their breaks between performances much more fun.

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woah this is hot hot hot hot
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thank you so much!! <3
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Hotenlight and Coldendark
Hyunseung and Hyuna are Hotenlight and Coldendark.
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god i'm so happy i found this fic i was going crazy after that comeback and no fiiiiic


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